Aircon Installation Service

We are the experts in Air Conditioner Installation. Our goal is to bring comfort to your space, be it your home, office space or entertainment space. When it comes to the best aircon installation service, the key lies in a making sure there is a flawless installation, one that runs smoothly, with little to no hiccups. At ARC Center, we take pride in providing expert installation services that go beyond the basics. We are the specialists in installation and service of the following brands Midea, LG, Daikin, Samsung, Carrier, Whirlpool, Alliance

Air conditioner Repairs

Our skilled professionals ensure the precise installation of your air conditioner, considering factors such as optimal positioning, proper insulation, and efficient airflow. This meticulous approach guarantees maximum cooling efficiency and energy savings.

Seamless Integration: We seamlessly integrate the latest air conditioning technology into your home or business, providing you with a modern, energy-efficient cooling solution that enhances your overall comfort.

Common Faults with Air Conditioners


Insufficient cooling or heating


Airflow issues


Leaking refrigerant


Strange odors


Noisy operation


Powering on / off