LG Brand

LG Aircon Installation & Service

We provide expert installation of LG air conditioners, swift and efficient repairs for electrical and mechanical issues, and routine maintenance to keep your LG AC in top condition.

Power fluctuations or the unit not turning on can be caused by electrical issues. Our technicians will check electrical connections, inspect the capacitor, and ensure proper voltage supply to address these problems.

Air conditioning installation service centre

We install and service LG Air Conditioners in Cape Town for home and business premises. We serve the greater Cape Town region, from Nothern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Southern Peninsula, West Coast, Cape Winelands and Cape Town CBD, including Overberg

Common Faults: Media Air Conditioners


Insufficient cooling or heating


Airflow issues


Leaking refrigerant


Strange odors


Noisy operation


Powering on / off

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