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Smeg Tumble Dryer Repair Centre

Experience quality, same day appliance service on your Smeg tumble dryer repairs and servicing with ARC Center. Our skilled technicians specialize in resolving common faults, enhancing the efficiency of your appliance. Whether it's on-site or workshop repairs, we prioritize same-day solutions to meet your needs promptly. Trust us to provide reliable and efficient service for your Smeg tumble dryer.

Tumble Dryer

Through thorough troubleshooting, we determine the root cause of the problem. Our repairs may involve replacing faulty parts, recalibrating temperature sensors, cleaning lint filters, or addressing electrical issues. We ensure that your tumble dryer functions optimally, providing efficient and reliable drying for your laundry.

We repair and service both home and commercial Smeg Tumble Dryers onsite. We offer monthly Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to businesses to give you assurance & peace of mind in the event of an unexpected appliance fault. We will be onsite promptly, without you having to fork out any money.

We serve the greater Cape Town region, from Nothern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Southern Peninsula, West Coast, Cape Winelands and Cape Town CBD, including Overberg

Common Faults with Smeg Tumble Dryers


Not heating or drying clothes




Noisy operation


Drum not spinning


Failure to start


Failure to power on

Air Conditioner Installation