Promotions & Discounts

Discount Offers

‪R349‬ off ‪Dishwasher Repairs‬
‪15%‬ off ‪Appliance Repairs‬
‪R299‬ off ‪Washing Machine Fix‬
‪R319‬ off ‪Fridge Repairs‬

Valid: 26 October 2023 - 30 November 2023


From time to time, ARC Center (Appliance Repair Center) “the company” may offer promotions and discounts to new and existing clients. These discounts and promotions shall be claimed as guided by the following terms and conditions:

  1. For any service request to qualify for a discount the following must be met: (a) The client must have claimed the offer on their first / initial request for service, prior to getting a quote or estimate (b) The total cost of service per unit must be at least R2000 for the claim to be effective (c) The claim must have been requested within the dates provided for the offer.
  2. Each promotional code shall be for specific appliances and no claim shall be made on a code for a different type of appliance.
  3. Discounts and promotions shall not apply to call out fees.
  4. Discounts and promotions shall not apply to the cost of components. Only the service or labour charge shall be subject to promotional or discount offer.