Logik Portable Air Conditioner

Logik Portable Air Conditioner

This Logik portable air conditioner is best suitable for caravans, small bedrooms, small offices and any small areas of up to 20m2 (square meters). Some of the features of this portable air conditioner are:-

  • Energy Saving
  • Easy portable movement
  • Sleep Mode
  • 12000 Btu
  • Heat Pump
  • Washable Filter
  • Auto restart
  • 24 Hour timer

Appliance Service Centre

At ARC Center, we recognize the significance of maintaining high functionality
for your household and commercial appliances. Our team specializes in delivering expert repairs
for a wide range of electrical appliances onsite and offsite, serving the needs of both residential and commercial clients.


We conduct a thorough inspection, examining the spray arms, filters, pumps, valves, and electrical components

Washing Machines

Our experienced technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and repairing washing machines of various brands and models.


Our repairs involves examining the compressor, evaporator coils, condenser, thermostat, fans, and door seals.

Tumble Dryers

Our technicians specialize in diagnosing and fixing underlying issues. We begin by examining the heating elements, thermostats, belts

Deep Fryers

Whether you’re a home cook or a restaurant owner, our expert technicians are here to ensure your deep fryer operates at its best.

Air Conditioners

We are the experts in Air Conditioner Installation. Our goal is to bring comfort to your space, be it your home, office space

Stoves & Ovens

When it comes to stove and oven repairs, our technicians have extensive knowledge of various makes and models.

Cold Rooms

Cold rooms and chillers are critical for businesses that require refrigerated storage. We service & repair cold rooms with the urgency they deserve

Restaurant Equipment

Our team of technicians is dedicated to ensuring your restaurant equipment functions at its best, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Coffee Makers

We are the experts in Coffee Makers & Espresso Machines Repair & Servicing for your restaurant, hotel, lodge or any other business

Commercial Deep Fryers

We specialize in deep fryer repairs, addressing issues with heating elements, thermostat controls, and faulty wiring

Grills and Griddles

We pride ourself of having a team experts in Grills and Griddles Repairs & Servicing. We service grills and griddles for restaurants, hotels, lodges

Ice Makers

Our skilled appliances technicians will diagnose and fix your Ice Machine issues relating to water supply, ice maker, or refrigeration system

Food Blenders

Whether you are a shop or restaurant, we have a team of skilled technicians to help with your repair and service for your Blender or Food Processor

Conveyor Toasters

Having your Toaster and Conveyor Toasters working at its optimum means that your business is performing on its deliverables