Washing Machine Repairs
15 Mar,2024

My washing machine is not completing its cycle

Washing machine not completing its cycle? How to troubleshoot washing machine cycle issues: 4 Common Causes Is your washing machine leaving your laundry soaked in water, failing to complete its cycle? This is a frustrating situation that noone wants, especially after a tough day at work. While this can leave anyone in a rage and […]

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Samsung Washing Machine
08 Feb,2024

Samsung Appliance Repairs Centre

Samsung Repair & Service Centre Samsung Appliance Service Center in Cape Town The journey of Samsung brand began in 1938 when a small trading company named Samsung was founded by Lee Byung-chul in Daegu, Korea. Initially focusing on food products, textiles, and other goods, Samsung laid the foundation for what would become an established line […]

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Russell Hobbs mini fridge Repairs
08 Feb,2024

Russell Hobbs Service Center

Russell Hobbs Service Center Home & Commercial Appliance Repairs The Russel Hobbs brand was founded in 1952 by engineers Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs. The brand has left an indelible mark on the world of kitchen appliances. The company’s journey began with the creation of the world’s first automatic coffee percolator, setting the stage for […]

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Small Appliance repairs
07 Feb,2024

Small Appliances Repair Service

Small Appliance Repairs Advice: Repairs or Replacement? Repairs and servicing for small home electrical appliances are tasks we encounter daily. Whether it’s a malfunctioning sandwich maker or a non-operational kettle, the initial instinct for many is to attempt a DIY fix. When personal efforts fall short, some opt to seek professional assistance. However, there are […]

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