Dishwasher Repairs

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Dishwasher Repairs

We understand the convenience and time-saving benefits of a properly functioning dishwasher. Our technicians specialize in diagnosing and repairing dishwashers of various brands and models. We conduct a thorough inspection, examining the spray arms, filters, pumps, valves, and electrical components.

Then we identify the source of the problem and proceed with the necessary repairs, which may involve replacing faulty parts, unclogging drainage systems, fixing leaks, or resolving electrical issues. Our aim is to restore your dishwasher's efficiency, ensuring sparkling clean dishes with every use.

Common Faults with Dishwashers


Inadequate cleaning or rinsing


Water not draining properly


Leaking water


Inadequate cleaning or rinsing


Failure to start or complete cycles


Powering on failure

Parts & Components