Deye 16kW Hybrid Inverter- VOC: 800V Battery: 48V CT&WIFI


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This Deye 16kW Hybrid Inverter supports on-grid and off-grid power to protect your investment in PV Plants by providing an alternative source of electricity when grid power is interrupted. The efficient MPPT tracking algorithm makes it ideal for a PV power plant or residential rooftop systems, supports multiple batteries parallels, and has a max charging and discharging current of 290A. In summary, it’s a perfect replacement for your existing DC or AC coupling inverter in an existing PV power plant.

This Hybrid Inverter is a powerful inverter that allows you to make the most of your solar power. With a maximum output power of 16kW, the Deye Hybrid Inverter can be paired with up to 16 solar panels to harvest the sun’s energy. The Deye inverter also has the capacity to store power from up to 5 different batteries.

A high-resolution LCD Touch screen.
DC couple and AC couple to retrofit the existing solar system.
Connect up to 16 Deye Inverters in parallel.
Max. charging and discharging current of 290A.
6 time periods for battery charging and discharging.
Support a diesel generator and wind turbines.
Monitoring via a web browser and mobile app.
The Deye inverter is a hybrid inverter that uses lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.