SHOTO 5.12KWH LI-ION Battery


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The SHOTO 5.12KWH LI-ION Battery, thanks to its modular and scalable design, can be expanded to meet future energy requirements.
More than 5000 cycles with 90% DOD and 10+ years design life.
Compatible with the most universal hybrid inverters.
Simple rack mounted structure to reduce the installation time and cost.

Shoto 5.12kwh Lithium-Ion Battery With More Than 5000 Cycles

With 90% DOD And 10 Years Design Life.

5.12kwh Lithium-Ion Battery.

Model: 51.2-100. Nominal Capacity (KWh): 5.12.

Depth Of Charge: 90%.

Usable Capacity (KWh): 4.6.Cycle Life: ≥5000 @25 Cº.

Charge Voltage (V): 57.6.

Discharge Voltage (V): 48.

Nominal Voltage (V): 51.2.

Max Parallel Quantity (Pcs): 16.

Charge/Discharge Current (A): Recommend 50 (0.5C) Max 100 (1C).

Communication Port: RS485 & CAN.

Certificate: TUV(IEC 62619)/CE-EMC/UN38.3.