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The Russel Hobbs brand was founded in 1952 by engineers Bill Russell and Peter Hobbs. The brand has left an indelible mark on the world of kitchen appliances. The company’s journey began with the creation of the world’s first automatic coffee percolator, setting the stage for greater innovation and creativity that was to follow. As Appliance Repair Center, we repair and service all Russel Hobbs home and commercial appliances in Cape Town. Below, we list some of the appliances that we can assist with, should you need an Apppliance Repair technician’s help.

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Looking further at the history of this remarkable brand, one of the earliest milestones came with the introduction of the automatic shut-off feature in electric kettles, showcasing Russell Hobbs’ commitment to safety and convenience. This innovation became a hallmark of the brand, resonating with consumers who sought reliable and efficient kitchen solutions.

Over the years, Russell Hobbs expanded its product line to encompass a wide range of appliances, including toasters, irons, and coffee makers. The brand’s dedication to quality and functionality led to a growing global presence, solidifying its reputation as a trusted name in households around the world.

Ownership changes marked the brand’s evolution, with Tube Investments acquiring Russell Hobbs in 1965. Subsequent mergers and acquisitions integrated the company into larger corporate entities. Despite these changes, Russell Hobbs remained at the forefront of kitchen technology, introducing sleek and modern designs that resonated with contemporary consumers.

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