Small Appliance Repairs

Advice: Repairs or Replacement?

Repairs and servicing for small home electrical appliances are tasks we encounter daily. Whether it’s a malfunctioning sandwich maker or a non-operational kettle, the initial instinct for many is to attempt a DIY fix. When personal efforts fall short, some opt to seek professional assistance.

Small Appliance Repairs

However, there are both advantages and disadvantages that one should consider before deciding to enlist a professional for repairing small home or office electrical appliances.

Before delving into the pros and cons, here’s a list of ten small home and office electrical appliances we refer to: Blender, Kettle, Microwave, Toaster, Food Processor, Coffee Maker, Hand Mixer, Fryer
Juicer, Rice Cooker

The primary advantage of repairing small home appliances is that, in most cases, it is relatively easier to fix. Components, if separable, often need replacement to restore functionality. Another benefit is that the cost is generally lower compared to larger appliances like double-door fridges or ovens.

The main issue with repairing small appliances is primarily financial. While diagnosing small appliances may be quicker and easier, comparing the appliance’s purchase price to market rates for repairs often reveals a lack of cost-effectiveness. If a repair shop is not in close proximity, justifying repair costs becomes challenging, especially when factoring in fuel/transport costs, labor, and potential replacement parts. In our experience, repair costs can match or exceed the price of purchasing a new appliance.

An additional concern with small appliance repairs is the potential recurrence of the same issue. Even if the repair cost is less than the initial purchase price, the risk of a reoccurrence is real. Facing such a situation could result in the cumulative cost of two repair services equaling the expense of buying two new replacement appliances.
How best to get your small appliance repaired at affordable rates
  • Seek out a local technician or repair shop, often charging reasonable fees.
  • Drop off the appliances at the nearest repair shop or with a technician to minimize transport costs.
  • Consult with a technician before deciding on repairs; their experience can guide you on whether repairing or buying a new one is the wiser choice.
  • Bundle small appliance repairs with those of larger appliances. When servicing a fridge or oven, identify faulty small appliances and request the technician’s assistance. Effective communication might result in getting small problems resolved for free or receiving complimentary diagnoses.
Get Help With Your Small Appliances

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